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I was involved in an accident in Summit County. The lady that was in the accident broke her ankle. I was facing up to five years in prison because I smelled of alcohol. I had two different attorneys before Mr. Yoder….both of them told me to take the year in prison – they said the prosecutor would not entertain a plea deal. I got tired of hearing "there is no hope." So I researched various cases in Summit County. My decision was Mr. Reid Yoder. Thanks to him, I am not in prison. He worked out a deal that allowed me to stay out of prison, be able to raise my kids, and move on.

Thanks Reid!

D.K. - Dec. 2013

Attorney Yoder worked tirelessly to get me what I deserved after a kid pulled out in front of me and totaled my car and sent me to the hospital. He also fought the insurance company from taking most of the money from the settlement. I know that he did not need to do the extra work to make sure that I put more money in my pocket, but he did. He told me that is what a lawyer is supposed to do. "Help those in need".

R.D. - Feb. 2013

I had never spoke to an attorney before and I did not want to sue someone but I was tired with the way I was being treated by the insurance company. It had been a year since my accident happened and the insurance company was still jerking me around. Attorney Yoder agreed to take my case and within 2 months I had an offer that was twice as much as they were willing to pay me before. Attorney Yoder told me to hold off and said they would give me a little more money which they did! I could not be happier with the law firm of DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder.

J.C. - March, 2013

I was involved in a car accident and received about 30 fliers from personal injury attorneys. I ended up signing with one of those big operations who had sent me a DVD and letter. They promised me the world but after about 6 months without ever speaking to an attorney except for my first meeting I knew I needed someone who was more hands on. I contacted a friend whose husband had died in a motor vehicle accident. She referred me to the law firm of DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder. That same day I went to their office and met with Reid Yoder. Reid assured me that he would be personally responsible for my case and gave me his cell phone number. I hired him that day and 6 months later received a very nice check. Attorney Yoder asked me not to discuss settlement numbers, but I will tell you it was a lot more than I thought I deserved.

R.T. - Jan, 2013.

I had heard that attorneys who handle car accident want to get a quick settlement so they can move on to the next case. I retained Attorney Yoder for my personal injury case and I can tell you he is nothing like that. We were unable to work a deal out with the insurance company because I had some preexisting back problems before the accident. Attorney Yoder advised me to file a lawsuit. We fought the case for over 2 years and every single step Attorney Yoder was there to help. He was truly remarkable with his diligence and attitude toward the case. We ended up trying the case to a jury and they found in our favor. I was very pleased with the work done.

A.S. - Dec. 2012.

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