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Personal Injury Check List

Akron Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury because of the negligence of another person? You have the legal right to seek compensation. In order to protect your right to compensation, it is important that you consult an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney to discuss the merits your claim.

The success or failure of a personal injury claim often depends on the quality and availability of information about the case. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some time to gather all the information and documentation you may have regarding the incident that resulted in your injury prior to visiting your attorney.

Info & Documentation Your Attorney May Find Helpful:

  • Names and contact information for any medical institution or provider that treated you, including hospitals, ambulances, doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.
  • A timeline or summary of important dates related to the incident, starting with the date of the injury and indicating dates of treatment that have occurred since.
  • A summary of any dates that you were unable to work due to your injuries as well as a rough calculation of wages you estimate you've lost as a result of missed work.
  • Name and contact information for your insurance company(s) and insurance agent(s) and a copy of any insurance policy(s) you may have.
  • Name and contact information for any insurance representative(s) you have talked to regarding the incident.
  • A copy of any accident report(s) generated by a law enforcement agency regarding the incident.
  • Copies of any medical records generated and bills incurred as the result of your injuries.
  • Any documents related to your injuries or the incident which caused your injuries which you feel may be relevant to your claim.

It is always better to have too much information rather than not enough. Accordingly, you should provide your attorney with any information or documents you may feel are even remotely related to your claim. Your attorney will decide what is relevant and what is not, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your claim in the process.

Additional Info Required for Car Accident Cases:

Additional information and documentation may be required in cases involving injuries stemming from a car accident, including:

  • Any information you may have exchanged with other involved parties at the time of the accident such as names, contact information, and insurance information.
  • Copies of documents evidence payment of insurance premiums such as cancelled checks, billing statements, credit card statements, or receipts.
  • Any statements or information you provided to any law enforcement agency responding to the scene of the accident.
  • Any photographs of the scene or the vehicles involved following the accident.
  • Any written or recorded statements you may have provided to your own or another party's insurance company.
  • Any information or documents you may possess that you feel is relevant to your claim.
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