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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire an attorney?

While it is not required that you hire an attorney, many personal injury victims are unable to recover the amount of compensation they could have with the help of a personal injury attorney.  An Akron personal injury attorney can thoroughly review your case and begin to establish the liability of the other party so that you can get a fair settlement. Those that have legal counsel to protect their rights usually get on average 3.5 times more than those who don't, as revealed in insurance company reports.

How much compensation can I receive?

The amount of compensation that you will receive depends on the circumstances surrounding your case.  There is not set amount for a certain type of injury, but a highly experienced Akron personal injury attorney from our firm can review your case and tell you approximately what you may expect for a certain type of injury.  Our firm has been able to recover damages for clients that included: loss of wages, medical bills, future medical bills, loss of future wages, pain and suffering and more.

What is negligence?

One of the main issues in a personal injury case is negligence.  Negligence is established by analyzing how a "reasonable person" would have acted in the same situation.  This determination will establish whether or not negligence is involved.  If it is decided that negligence was the cause of the injury, the individual will be held liable and must be forced to pay the damages to the victim.

How can I ensure that the correct party is held responsible?

Although civil actions do not involve criminal punishment such as jail time and fines, if the liability is established in the case, the individual will have to pay damages.  In some cases, additional damages called punitive damages are meant to punish the responsible party for acting recklessly. They are usually already facing criminal charges through the justice system in such cases. If you have been injured and have any further questions regarding your case, call our firm today.  We understand what you are going through and are ready to assist you.

What types of cases can you help with?

Our firm is available to discuss any type of injury case, including but not limited to those involving car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall, dog bites, wrongful death, and in cases of catastrophic injuries.

Contact an Akron personal injury attorney from the firm today if you or a loved one has been injured.
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