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How To Deal With an Insurance Adjuster

One of the first people to call after and individual has been involved in a car accident will invariably be an insurance adjuster. Normally, when a car accident occurs, the first thing that happens is an insurance claim is filed. Soon after, an adjuster will be assigned to the claim and will being to investigate the claim. As part of that investigation, the adjuster will attempt to make contact with the parties involved in the accident, usually within 24 hours of the accident. Often the adjusters will personally show up to the injured person's house.

A typical adjuster will attempt to settle the claim as soon as possible for the lowest amount they can. Remember, an adjuster's success, and therefore indirectly their salary, is based upon their ability to save the insurance company money by settling claims for low amounts, often much less than the claims are actually worth. Therefore, it is important for any individual who has been involved in an auto accident and contacted by an adjuster to make an independent evaluation of the value of their claim.

Something many individuals forget in the confusion and stress that may accompany a car accident is that that there are two parts their claim, one is the property damage claim and one is claim for injuries. Normally, the extent of damage to one's vehicle is quickly ascertainable by obtaining mechanic's estimates. However, the injuries which may accompany a car accident may not manifest right away and therefore can easily be overlooked until it's too late. This is why it is a good idea to be patient and not to accept any settlement from the adjuster until your medical status is certain. If this is the case, the adjuster will likely ask for a medical authorization to obtain medical bills and records. Beware, however, that such authorization could be very broad and grant the adjuster access to records unrelated to the accident.

It is most important to remember that no matter what the adjuster says or does, it is their goal is to minimize liability and pay the least amount of money on behalf of the insurance company. The more money they pay you, the less money goes into the insurance company's pocket and the less money they will eventually be paid.

Many people fail to recognize the value of having experienced legal counsel to negotiate their claim after a car accident. A good personal injury attorney will be able to avoid many of the common pitfalls of dealing with insurance adjusters and to accurately evaluate the value of a claim. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney today for experienced legal advice.

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